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    Dongfeng Tianlong double bridge compression garbage truck

 Dongfeng Tianlong double bridge compression garbage truck

Dongfeng Tianlong double bridge compression garbage truck

The Dongfeng Tianlong double bridge compressing garbage truck is composed of a sealed garbage bin, a hydraulic system and an operating system. The vehicle is totally sealed, and all the sewage in the process of self compressing, self dumping and compressing is all entered into the sewage tank. The problem of the two pollution in the process of garbage transportation is thoroughly solved, which avoids inconvenience to the people. The key components are imported parts, which have the advantages of high pressure, good sealing, convenient operation and safety. And have the following characteristics:

1, the garbage collection method is simple, the compression ratio is high, the loading capacity is large, the maximum crushing pressure reaches 12 tons, and the loading capacity is equivalent to two times and half of the same level of non compressed garbage.

2, operation automation, the use of computer control system, all loading and unloading operations only need one driver to operate, can be set up fully automatic and semi-automatic 2 modes of operation, not only to reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers, but also greatly improved the working environment.

3, the economy is good, when the special equipment works, the computer control system controls throttle automatically.

4, double insurance system, the operation system has dual functions of computer control and manual operation, so as to greatly protect and improve the utilization rate of vehicles.

Dongfeng Tianlong double bridge compression garbage truck Chassis configuration: 6x4 drive D310 flat head standard cab, Dongfeng Cummins 245 HP electronically controlled high pressure common rail engine, wheelbase 4350mm+1350mm, resistance heating cold start device, all steel 350L main fuel tank, electronic accelerator pedal and switch, Shaw 9 gear 9JS119T-B transmission box, 7T front axle, 10T single stage speed reduction double bridge. 11.00R20 radial tire, Dongfeng ABS, electric glass lifter, air bag shock absorber driver seat, air conditioning, reserved interface for 12 edition travel recorder.  

Jacket configuration : The volume of the box is 16~18m, the arc plane box is Q235 carbon steel, the thickness is 4, the bottom is 5, the tail is turned over, the 2 sewage tanks, the two-way compression, the electric control and manual operation, the cab and the tail control, the domestic well-known multi-channel valve and the hydraulic cylinder.


Loading mechanism (optional flip mechanism): It can be equipped with a bucket turnover mechanism or a garbage bucket turnover mechanism.

1, triangle bucket 2, hanging bucket flip 3, swing arm 4, big landing bucket 5, no back flip

 Flip mechanism style.Png

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