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    Kama Blue 3 party kitchen garbage truck

 Kama Blue 3 party kitchen garbage truck

Kama blue kitchen garbage truck, the new Isuzu class car body, 102 horsepower inside the cloud, 5 gearbox, 3.5 tons rear axle, 6.50-16 tire, oil brake (optional pneumatic brake), direction assist, ABS, original air-conditioning.
The volume is 2.5~3 cubic meters, the tank is made of 4mm high quality steel, the square tank body, the tank body and the upper part of the back cover are connected by hinges, the rear cover can be opened by the hydraulic cylinder, the front part of the tank body is provided with a hoisting bucket lifting mechanism for loading and unloading barreled garbage, and a hydraulic cylinder is installed at the bottom of the tank body to lift and dump the tank. The rear cover is hydraulically opened and locked. The operation is outdoor manual hydraulic operation.

Basic parameters of 2.5~3m Kam blue kitchen garbage truck
Product name Kama blue kitchen garbage truck
volume 2.5~3m Total mass 4495Kg
Rated mass 1015950kg curb weight Three thousand three hundred and fifty Kg
Wheelbase Two thousand and eight hundred Tire specification 6.50R16
vehicle size 5180 x 1980 x 2350
Engine (country V)
Model displacement power horsepower
YN27CRE1 Two thousand six hundred and seventy-two Seventy One hundred and two

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