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    Dongfang little 5 car kitchen garbage truck

 Dongfang little 5 car kitchen garbage truck

Dongfeng little food restaurant kitchen garbage truck, using Dongfeng little Victoria card chassis, wheelbase 3308, the engine uses Yuchai 115/ Chao Chai 102 horsepower diesel engine, front axle 1.8T, rear axle 3.5T, 5 gearbox, with reverse power, ABS, exhaust brake, power window, central lock.

Dongfeng small 4~5m food waste car refit volume of 4~5m, tank thickness of 4.75mm, equipped with hanging bucket lifting mechanism, rear cover hydraulic open, tank can lift and dump, tail with self flow valve.
The kitchen garbage truck is also called the swill garbage truck. It has simple operation, good sealing performance, no leakage, no odor, and solid liquid separation function. It is often used in restaurant garbage disposal.  

Basic parameters of 4~5m small little restaurant car
Product name Dongfeng little food restaurant garbage truck
volume 4~5m Total mass 7360kg
Rated mass 2830kg curb weight 4400kg
Wheelbase Three thousand three hundred and eight Tire specification 7.00R16
vehicle size 5995X2000X2820
Engine (country V)
Model displacement power horsepower
YC4FA115-50 Two thousand nine hundred and eighty-two Eighty-five One hundred and fifteen

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